Ricky Wilson is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio who moved to South Carolina with his beautiful wife, Sarah, and gorgeous daughter, Elliana, to plant Impact Drayton in May 2017. God has given Ricky a broken heart for people far from God who are seeking purpose and identity. Growing up in a small town in Cincinnati, both of Ricky's parents were drug addicts. At the age of 12, Ricky began buying and selling drugs and stolen property to care for his family. In his teenage years, he was filled with hate and anger and dealing with depression, PTSD, and anxiety.  With all that was going on, Ricky tried every thing the world had to offer to "fix" himself, but it wasn't until age twenty when he was invited to church for the first time in his life that he experienced the love of Jesus and it changed everything! Since then, He has been on a  mission to share his experience with Jesus so others can be freed from the same things that plagued him for so long! 
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